A Message from the 2012 Kulai ETAs:


Congratulations on being assigned to one of the coolest placements! Charlie and I (Mark) really enjoyed our time in Kulai and we are sure y’all will too.

The purpose of this guide is not to provide y’all with directions. Rather, it’s meant to to be a minor supplement to your insatiable curiosity and drive as you discover the area.

One of our most endearing memories consisted of exploring, both the good and bad. From pushing a broken motorbike three hours in the dark to pelting students with dodgeballs to greeting our security guard (Hank the Tank) daily to getting appendicitis at the local university to hanging out with the trainers at the gym, we’re glad we made some terrible insane decisions.

We hope y’all will make some insane decisions as well.

Charlie & Mark

contact image charlie and mark


A Message from the 2013 Kulai ETAs:

Welcome to Kulai, a magical land, where the students are diverse, the lei cha is abundant, and downtown Singapore is only an hour’s drive away (45 minutes on a good day).

To everything that Mark and Charlie wrote, we say: ditto. We’ve added a couple pieces of advice to get you started on your exploring, but you’ll need to do most of the dirty work — of making connections and finding community — on your own.

We wish you the best.

Max & Lange


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