Still No Stimulus Agreement


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President Trump hinted that he could intervene if Republican senators did not support a second coronavirus stimulus package worth a trillion dollars, during an interview with Charles Benson of WTMJ4 Milwaukee on Saturday. Although it was not possible on Monday to agree on a coronavirus stimulus plan, House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi remains “optimistic” about reaching an agreement with the White House before Election Day. President Donald Trump also asked for “more money than they talk” during economic policy checks and continued to call for a second revision in the final bill. House Democrats proposed a similar second round of stimulus checks in the “HEROES” law, which they passed on May 13, with income thresholds and individual check amounts ($1,200), which were equal, while the payment for dependent children was increased from US$500 to US$1200 to a limit of three. For this reason, a family of two parents with three children and an income of less than $150,000 could receive total payments of $6,000 ($2 $US,400 for parents, $3600 for dependent children). The fast-approaching deadline of November 21 is for those who have not yet received a $1200 stimulus check, but can still qualify. Remarkably, another round of 1200 $US of stimulation controls is missing from the list. Biden, McConnell and others have repeatedly called the December law emergency aid instead of a comprehensive stimulus package and have pledged to put in place a new stimulus package in 2021. For many Americans who haven`t lost jobs or have businesses, the central feature of the CARES Act — passed in March to offset the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic — was the $1200 per person payment it approved.

Due to the slowdown in the economic recovery and the acceleration of the pandemic, both sides are very supportive of a second round of stimulus measures. During a long period of ongoing negotiations between the White House and Congressional Democrats, with sharp differences on a number of issues, the two sides conducted a second review (although conservative Republicans are not on board in Congress), with the key question being whether a comprehensive solution can be found. White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany did not say whether Trump would refuse to sign a stimulus package that did not include a second review, but said Tuesday that Trump “would really like to see that these stimulus packages would be reviewed there.” On June 22, Mr. Trump answered a question about a second stimulus check with favorable votes, albeit vaguely, and then the Washington Post hinted that the White House was divided on the issue. If a bill is passed that involves a direct payment, we think about how quickly the IRS could send a second stimulus check. And in mid-September, Trump responded positively to a bipartisan proposal from the centrist House Problem caucus, which spent $1.5 trillion in less time and contained the same stimulus control provisions as the CARES Act. This seemed to put the talks between Pelosi and Mnuchin back on track, and the finance minister was quick to make a “counter-offer” allegedly based on the problem of Solver`s caucus, himself privately backed by Pelosi. Finally, the Pelosi-Mnuchin conversations have slowed down in a tingling, with presumed progress in COVID 19 testing and strategy provisions, but still big differences on government and local aid, tax provisions, and the coronavirus liability shield that have made Republicans a priority…