What Does Implied Agreement Mean


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Now, however, I have been called to look directly at the subject of teaching not theoretically, but practically directly, in the context of a great school with its more or less complicated organization, daily routine and daily tasks. It was expected that I would take a large class of students, meet them regularly on a day-to-day basis, and give them systematic instruction in the branches of law assigned to me. First of all, to achieve this successfully, it was necessary that the students` efforts go hand in hand with mine, that is, that they learned directly related to my lessons; secondly, that the study they request in this way should be of the type from which they could derive the greatest and most lasting benefit; thirdly, such education should be such that students can at least benefit more from participation than if they were at the same time engaged in private studies. How could this threefold objective be achieved? I could only think of one mode that seemed to offer a reasonable chance of success; and this had to make a number of cases, carefully selected in the books of reports, the subject of study and teaching. But here I encountered a practical difficulty that was initially unsurpassable, namely the lack of books; because while it may be convenient to refer private students who have free access to a full library directly to the books of the reports, such a course was out of the question for a large class that wanted to have all the same books at the same time. Such a course would also not be without great drawbacks and disadvantages, even in the case of a single student. .